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Hello new friend…

March 2, 2011

 I’ve really kind of abandoned this blog since we won our case but now I may start it back up again. In case you’re curious, A.A. is approaching his 8th birthday next month and is fully enjoying second grade. He has made the all A honor roll all year long so far and is very happy at school. He has friends and is playing Little League baseball on a machine pitch team this year.  His hair is still worn in two braids every day at school and is quite long now.

 When I started all this, I was using myspace mostly as a way of spreading the word. Time has passed and myspace is clogged with videos and such that no-one watches so now I use facebook and twitter for my social networking needs. Today on facebook I got a new friends request from someone I seem to have some things in common with. Her 13 year old step-son may be about to face the same fight my son did. Here is a link to her blog. Please share and support.

Happy 2011!