The next step.


2 Responses to “The next step.”

  1. bluepaintred Says:

    “Yet instead of simply exempting him from that part of the dress code, NISD is requiring Adriel to keep his thick, foot-long hair “tightly woven” into a single braid and stuffed down the back of his shirt at all times, and to re-prove his religious sincerity to NISD officials every school year. ”

    That’s disgusting! I sure hope you win.

  2. Najda Says:

    I find what they are doing to your son to be absolutely disgusting. I would do anything to have the oportunities your son has. My grandparents and great grandparents denied their native heritage and passed as everthing BUT indians. Now, this generation is wanting to learn about our heritage, but it is virtually impossible to do in Houston. I have seriously considered moving to one of the reservations just so I can learn the customs and beliefs that were lost.

    It is genocide on the most basic level when you think about it. The old ways have been beaten out of so many til if something is not done, we will be no more than darker-skinned caucasians [sp?]

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