Kenney was on CNN today for a short live interview. He was nervous but I think he did pretty well. We were stuck in traffic and almost didn’t make it to the studio on time. The second he walked in they threw a microphone and earpiece onto him and started the interview. I guess that means our little problem is national news now.

 After some discussion, we’ve decided to limit how much more Adriel will appear in the news. The last few weeks have been very disruptive for him and we feel its time for him to get back to being a regular little boy. I assume that the news interest will die down for a bit while we get ready for the next step anyway. We picked up the keys to our new house today but there is still no power or water hooked up yet.

 We walked through the house today with our home salesman for an inspection. Its so much nicer than we expected and Adriel had a wonderful time deciding which bedroom to pick for his own. He chose one that had a better view of the horse pasture so he can keep an eye on Nipper (his pony) from his window.

 We’re going mailbox shopping in the morning and probably picking out paint and a new clothes dryer. Our old one is gas and the new house is all electric. I hope to do some grid-tied solar panels in the near future to help cut down on our electricity bills.  I guess those folks calling us “hippies” had no idea how right they are.


6 Responses to “CNN”

  1. ske Says:

    Congratualtions and good luck on your new home!

    It’s interesting to me that someone from the school said that they needed proof that this is a “recognized religion”. By whom? I get the feeling that native American religions (there’s more than just one, in spite of what the press thinks) get brushed aside as being some kind of pretend or made-up religions… certainly not mainstream, so their legitimacy must be in question.

    As far as their request for “proof” that this is indeed a religious belief, I would suggest two things: 1) get an elder to testify, pointing out that native American tradition is oral (no written language for Apache), and 2) find the legal cases that have to do with this issue (they do exist).

    Also, note that many other religions have beliefs about how their hair should be worn. Orthodox Jews, Mormons, Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs (Hindu), and conservative Christians all have religious beliefs about how to wear their hair. (In the case of Christians, see I Cor. 11:14-15).

    This being largely a Christian country, people mostly conform to the Christian idea of what constitutes “proper hair”.

    Interesting to note also is that in this country based on religious freedom, Indians weren’t given the official right to practice their religions and religious customs until 1978. Unbelievable in this country.

    American law upholds people’s rights to wear and cut their hair in whatever manner their religion requires (I can cite examples if you wish even though I am not a lawyer). These modifications to hair due to religious reasons are present among children in public schools across the nation. (Again, I can cite examples from my own experience.)

    I am reminded of a time when Indian children were practically kidnapped and taken to boarding school. Their long hair was forcibly shaved and they were forbidden to speak their own language. This was in the late 1800’s. Are we still requiring Indian children to shave their hair off in this “enlightened” age?

    The school district is concerned that if they let one child in with long hair, everyone else will think they can grow long hair. I think if it is presented to the children in the proper manner, the kids will understand. Kids are generally more understanding than adults sometimes. But they should be educated about it from the beginning. Hopefully this will save Adriel some teasing and being asked if he is a boy or girl all the time.

    Shoot, make it a part of November’s traditional school “Indian month”. Explain the various traditions, this being one of them. Offer to come in and contribute to the “Thanksgiving” month with a presentation on how Indians lived or something. Educate.

    Educating the Board, however, is the first order of business.

    Get up a petition if you can. Get involved with NARF and similar organizations.

    Anything I can do, let me know. I’m behind you in this 200%.

  2. lisa Says:

    Love the pictures of him on the horse.

    We live within the bounds of the needville school district.
    We homeschool.

    I have felt for you as you endure this hard time.
    Perhaps more so than most.
    This is because when we first moved into un-incorporated Fort Bend County, we endured racial persecution…
    In the form of damages to our property
    Swazicas painted on our mailbox
    swazdicas our driveway
    and swazdicas on the street in front of our house.
    Even my dog was painted.
    It was suggested by police that we sell our home and move…or better yet, move first, then sell it.
    The sheriff department refused to classify the incident as a hate crime
    and for all that pink/red paint, they refused to even classify it as graffitti!
    They insisted it was merely a minor inconvenience!
    Hmm…Not even the homeowners association of Pecan Bend cared to do anything about the 3 to 4 foot swazdica on the street in front of our property.
    I spent several days and nights applying paint strippers and scrubbing it off.
    Minor inconvenience?

    That is the way they are here…

    Racial slurs, screamed death threats by our next door neighbor, several neighbors witnessed…The sheriff detective called the witnesses liars. Some witnesses were police officers, from another disctrict. The detective told that witness he either dreamed it all or was loosing touch with reality.

    So much effort was taken by the sheriff department to sweep it under the rug and intimidate witnesses, it’s scary.

    Same neighbor brandished a shotgun to my 5 and 9 year old in our own back yard…and as they were in terror…she took pictures of them!

    Stepped out to clesan the cat pan on the far opposite side of my yard from the racist neighbor. She screamed more death threats, followed by being actually shot at…

    6 neighbors heard it all, one seeing the gun muzzle fire from my next door neighbors back porch area…

    All swept under the rug by the sheriff department. They never looked for the gunshots or casings. There were multiple shots to my large oak tree, which was between me and her. They spoke to her through her closed door. She admitted to shooting, claiming she was just hunting raccoons in this no-hunting area. According to another off-duty officer who was listening to dispatch, she threatened to shoot the officers if they didn’t leave the area. The police left!

    The detective said they’d be talking to her in a few days. A few days later neigbors tell me they saw a supervisor deputy come out to her house, hug her, laugh and point at our house with her, hug her again & shake her boyfriend’s hand….then left. Again, witnesses were intimidated by the same detective. Case closed.

    Oh, there is more.

    That is the way it is here. If you are the wrong race, or your neighbor merely assumes you are, then it’s okay with society, homeowner’s boards, and even the police themselves if your property is damaged, animals injured or painted, children terrorized with shot guns, and even shot at.

    Police say? Just move.

    Welcome to unicorporated Fort Bend.
    Like I said, I really feel for you, and hope you don’t have to endure even worse.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I live in CT but I found this blog thur a posting over on and I am shocked that you are going thur this. Your child has every right to go to school weather his hair is long, short, purple or green.

    As long as his hair is neat and braided or even loose and kept neat I do not see an issue. I do hope you win and your son is able to go to school.

    This town or these townfolks asking you to move is, well for lack of better words BS.

    Good luck and blessings to you and your family!

  4. bluepaintred Says:

    I have three sons, and I keep all three of them buzzed, but thats MY personal decision, Its easier for me to not have to worry about combing it and the extra wash time long hair takes – I have long-ish hair, so I know the time it takes.

    As for your son and his long hair, I still have not figured out how this is even an issue. How dare anyone but the parents and the child have any say in this? Next, maybe the school will find that a boy from japan is distracting becuase his eyes are different. Or a Girl from Scotland may not attend because her accent distracts the kids.

    I rather feel that this is discriminatory on two levels, religious, and sexist. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen where it is written that boys MUST have short hair.

    Keep fighting. I’m rooting for you all the way from Canada!

  5. Miko Says:

    Wow, i’ve been hearing about this on the radio but i had no idea it was you guys! i am also Native American and i do understand the importance of the long hair, it’s really irritating how they are being so difficult about it. i’ve never heard of it being this big of a deal in any school, better yet an elementary school, where they just straight up won’t allow attendance. When some high school boys are allowed to have their hair down to their butt i really see this as really ridiculous and totally unfair. If a petition is ever started i will gladly be one to sign it & spread the word. I wish you all luck and hope that the grief of this situation isn’t too overbearing. Be strong!

  6. DJ Says:

    Are you sure your in Needville, TX and not Jasper, TX? With height of discrimination there they sound like sisters towns to me. It is unfortunate that in this day and age of 2008, there towns that are still living so far in the past it’s ridiculous. I remember reading a comment that you made stating that you liked the idea of the how the town had its old-fashioned ways about it. Well I guess this is their way of greeting you in the old-fashioned way. There are a few goods things about the idea of old-fashioned ways; however, there are very many bad things about the idea of old-fashioned ways as well. I hope the best for your family in this new town and with your lawsuit.

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