Various articles and news clips.

I’ve been getting calls and emails from all over the US today from people who have seen our story on the news or in papers.  Who knew that two little braids would cause such a fuss? Here are the latest ones I could find. Many are the same story just on different channels. I tried to stick to just news programs and papers but there is at least one blog that I couldn’t pass up. 😉

Oh and if you saw the Chronicle article today (the paper not the website) then you probably saw the photo of Kenney being quieted by the police. You see, one of the proud and traditional Needville gentlemen wanted to know what Kenney’s “Indian Number” was. You know, cause all “real indians” have one. Just like all registered cattle have ear tags or brands and show doggies have registration papers. I don’t think their is any other group of people in the US required to get registered like an animal. Needless to say they had a bit of a heated discussion.

See you in the papers.

Channel 2 (with guest appearances by Needville residents opposed to our son’s rights)

The Houston Chronicle

Dallas/Fort Worth Area NBC

Repeat of Channel 2’s coverage but the comments gave me quite a giggle!

Channel 2 in Cahrleston South Carolina

Fort Bend Now follow up story

KLBJ News Radion in Austin, Tx


Channel 3 in Chattanooga

North Dakota

Lubbock News Radio 1420

First Coast News

KMOT North Dakota

KCBY Oregon (its way down there under the long listing of superintendent vacancies)

I don’t know who Ogre is but he (or she) is awesome.

Azteca America (I’m not sure where it is on the website but their news crew was very nice!)


One Response to “Various articles and news clips.”

  1. Ogre Says:

    Hey, thank you for the link. I’m often amazed at how many people will stand up and fight for total insanity and injustice — as is the case here. You now see what the school board and government is made of. Honestly, your best option now would be to homeschool. I don’t know the laws in TX on it, but there is about a 100% chance your child will be better off and will learn more than if he heads to that cesspool that is the public school.

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