A Safety Disclaimer

Before my son’s pictures end up on http://fuglyhorseoftheday.blogspot.com/ I figured I’d better say this.

Adriel always wears a helmet and proper footwear when riding. His hair is also kept braided so it is out of the way and not blowing all over the place. Of course, photos of properly helmeted children don’t sell newspapers so  he has his hair blowing wildly and no saddle, bridle or safety equipment in sight.

 If it makes you feel any better, Grandma was just outside of the frame of the photo at Nipper’s head and Kenney and I were also just outside of the photo ready to steady Adriel should Nippers do anything funny. Either way, these are great photos that show what not to do with kids and horses.

Luckily, Nipper is somewhere in his 20s and could care less what anyone does to him as long as he gets his feed bucket every day.

As a side note, I love the Fugly Horse of the Day blog. Its snarky, educational and a blast to read. If Adriel’s pictures end up there, I would not be surprised but I would not be upset by it either.  Someone has to try to teach all the idiots out there what not to do.

F.H.O.T.D. isn’t all negative though. Somewhere in there is a post about my mom’s old Appy mare that we had to put down a few years ago. She was 37 and had carried 4 generations of our family. She was Adriel’s first horse and the first horse I became aquainted with as a child. My mom bought her when Girlie was a four year old and moved her all the way from Pennsylvania to Texas. Here she is not long before her death with Adriel as a two year old.

Anyway, here are the pictures from the Chronicle website.

I promise next time he’ll have on his helmet and boots.


5 Responses to “A Safety Disclaimer”

  1. Kimber Says:

    Your son is beautiful. Good luck to you and your family in this struggle. Our family wishes you the gift of shalom during this time.

  2. LeAnn Says:

    You should put some ads on this blog so you can generate revenue to pay for a damn good lawyer! I hope you win in this matter!

  3. White Wolf Says:

    I agree with Kimber!! Your son is a very very beautiful! I must say I am really upset by what they are doing to your son!!! I being native myself I can’t say how glade it makes me to see you have so much support! I left a comment on the Houston Press, after reading it I guess I got a little carried away, and do not wish to cause harm to anyone reading it. But I got extreamly upset, It came to me through our yahoo group called “Cherokee Health Options”. I wish you luck and happiness. Your boy deserves to have what we never could and it is about time that our people “really” stand up for our rights! I myself am very proud of you and your family. Walk in peace Crying White Wolf

  4. ske Says:

    Beautiful pictures of your son anyway. I’d frame ’em.

  5. Fallenone Says:

    To me it doesn’t matter what your background is or gender, if you want long hair you should be able to have it. As long as you keep it clean and orderly, why does hair length matter? I think these rules are very out of date. I read the article where the superintendent said he was a “rule follower” and has never had long hair. Bah. He is a follower alright, and would do anything he was told apparently. It is sad and ridiculous. I know you’re going to have to fight on the platform of your son being part Native American, but that isn’t really fair. You should be able to fight on a platform of freedom. Long hair should not be an issue. Girls have long hair, but guys cannot have it? It is rather silly.

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