This just in! Religious freedom in schools will lead to the downfall of society!!!


Put on your foil hats kids, this is gonna be a good one.

 I seem to have aquired a new reader on livejournal with some interesting(?) theories. See comments here or read the italicized copy/paste.

</em></a></em></strong></font></a>[info]sluedeke ( wrote:

Jul. 8th, 2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
Bill of Rights
I agree with the Freedom of religion and brave soles have died in war so we can have this freedom and other freedoms. I also wanted to remind you that NISD is Public entity that reports to and is governed by the State of Texas. The First Amendment of the US Constitution (First 10 Amendments is the Bill of Rights) explicitly states the freedom of religion however it also states there shall be a separation of church and state. NISD does not have to change any rules for any religion. If they do make this one exception you’ll see a downfall of society while they have to make exceptions for all religions, then we lose focus on what a school is supposed to do… educate!

Also, you are wasting taxpayer money fighting the school when that money could be used to buy new books or update the classrooms with new computers or build a new High School to educate our children.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Really!?!? Somehow, society will fall if religious freedom is allowed as it is protected by law???? Well, shit! I better start diggin’ me one of them there fancy storm cellars out on the back 40! The end of times in near!!!! Break out the drink-aid!
Whisky Tango Foxtrot.        Seriously.
Is this it? The “can of worms” I was warned about?
Ok, so I tried to respons as politely as possible. I suppose that was my mistake, you know…trying to educate those who refuse to be educated.

</em></a></em></strong></font></a>[info]stitchwitch13 ( wrote:

Jul. 8th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Bill of Rights
I’m not sure I see the connection with the school district allowing students to practice their own religions and the downfall of society. Could you explain how that works? It seems that a few other Needville residents have voiced similiar concerns and the thought makes no sense. I have asked before and still not recieved a coherent answer.

The seperation of church and state pertains to the rule that public schools may not teach religion or show preference to one religion or another. They do have to make exceptions to things like dress code when the dress code restricts a students ability to attend school and still practice their religion.

I’m not wasting anyone’s money, the school district is. Perhaps if NISD students were’nt burning down their own school then they wouldn’t have to worry about rebuilding.

Ok, I’ve tried to leave last years’ well publicized arson case out of this.  Its a tragedy that a historical building was destroyed and all those tests got burned up. Luckily the school was empty when it happened but its still a shame that it did. Unfortunatly for the folks waving the “We’re proud of our rules because they make exemplary students” flag, well I’m sorry to say it but the fact that one of their own students did it, kind of negates any “proof ” that the school dress code makes perfect people out of kids.
I am in no way shape or form, wasting anyone’s money. Should the school district uphold Mr. Rhode’s ruling and this thing end up becoming a lawsuit then it i their own doing.
Anyway, sluedeke’s reply was just as irrational…
</em></a></em></strong></font></a>[info]sluedeke ( wrote:

Jul. 9th, 2008 04:14 am (UTC)
You said it
You said it:

“The separation of church and state pertains to the rule that public schools may not teach religion or show preference to one religion or another.”

If the school allows your child to attend school without cutting his hair they are showing preference to your religion by allowing him to break the rules everyone must follow no matter what their religion is.

The downfall I am talking about is when one child gets special privileges, more are going to want it, the school won’t be able to focus on educating our children, our children grow up without the education they should have been receiving if the school didn’t have to put up with all the frivolous suites.

Yup, apparently religious freedom in school really does stop children from getting an education. I’m still not getting it. Really. Remember those laser beams in my previous post on long hair? Yeah…. foil hats people, foil hats. Maybe a foil jockstrap while your at it for some added protection.
Silly me, I responded again.

</em></a></em></strong></font></a>[info]stitchwitch13 ( wrote:

Jul. 9th, 2008 01:43 pm (UTC)
Re: You said it
I can see that explaining things to you is going to be difficult.

While schools may not show preference to one religion over another, they also cannot restrict anyone’s ability to practice their own religion. Students have the right to believe how they believe and practice those beliefs as long as they do not try to push their beliefs onto other students. Its ok for students to arrange group prayer times between classes but they may not preach to others who do not want them to. Thats really the only time a school can step in when it comes to religious matters.

Your downfall theory is quite flawed. Allowing Christian children to wear crosses, Muslim girls to wear headscarves, Jewish boys to wear yarmulkes and long sideburns, Native American boys to have long hair, Sikh boys to wear turbans and long hair etc… is not going to stop anyone from getting an education.

It just might even teach all of our children tolerance.

Your theory about as much sense as only allowing blonde-haired blue-eyed folks to reproduce while systematically killing off everyone else who does not conform to some whack-jobs idea of a master race.

And got this for my trouble:
</em></strong></font></a>[info]sluedeke ( wrote:

Jul. 9th, 2008 03:13 pm (UTC)
Re: You said it
I can see that education for your child is not your priority.

So the school has a rule and you are going to teach your child all rules are made to be broken. Good Job!

I get the feeling that reading comprehension is not strong with this one. Maybe s/he missed all the other posts about how getting my son into school is what this is all about?
I don’t know any other way to explain it, sorry.
For some reason, a few people seem to think I have no respect for rules. I do in fact have a great respect for rules (as long as they make sense that its) . Rules and dress codes are put in place for a reason and when that reason is based on something intelligent, I have no problem with them. Proper footwear for safety, properly fitted clothing for modesty… yes, I agree with those.
A few people have commented on my business. Yes, I do make corsets and yes, the word “fetish” is part of my business title. Somehow I fail to see how my little custom clothing business makes me some type of criminal who should not have the freedom to raise my child as I see fit.
I’m sure a few of you would be surprised to know that I have more than one job and I do not in fact, live off the government’s money as has been suggested in an email from a crotchety old lady.
Guess what? For forty hours a week (sometimes more if needed) I wear a uniform and abide by a dress code.

3 Responses to “This just in! Religious freedom in schools will lead to the downfall of society!!!”

  1. Spleen Says:

    Anyone who thinks you are “wasting money” or “wasting time” has never had their culture, rights or beliefs challenged. They live in a fantasy world, where everything they are and everything they desire fits right into the “norm”. They can’t understand that something basic and necessary is trying to be taken away from someone – because they’ve never had anything taken away. They’ve never had their identity questioned. Your opponents claim to stand on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but they are going against the very intentions that the fathers of our country had when the wrote those documents.

    The only feeling to feel towards those people is pity.

    Your job is to stay strong, and hope that your situation will educate and enlighten those poor souls.

  2. Donette Says:

    Good for you!! My grandmother was half Seminole, half African American. Her name was Little Bit. She was always called that, my grandma said, because she was a very tiny woman, and said that no one ever pronounced her Indian name correctly. So she just went by Little Bit, as that was the closest translation to her name in English. My eldest son Dmitri always insisted that his hair not be cut. He is 16, and it is now is blond dreadlocks most of the way down his back. His little brother has a massive head of dreadlocks, too. Since I am Black and my husband is White, my boys got blond hair and white skin and hazel eyes from their dad. But they got kinky curls!! I am constantly assailed by people asking me to cut it, telling me to cut it, being rude, in general. Wanting him not to have dreads. But he cries if I even suggest cutting his hair. He has always said that it part of his strength. I did not teach him this. It came from within. From his heritage. As a result of this and other things, all three of my children have been homeschooled. BUT THEY LOVE IT AND SO DO I! So, I understand wanting to put your son in public school, but it is not always the best or only path. They are not exactly pumping out tons of creative, free thinkers, lately! Stay strong!

  3. Donette Says:

    Whoops! I meant, my GREAT GRANDMOTHER, NOT Grandmother, was half Seminole Indian. Sorry about getting that wrong. Just wanted to keep the facts straight! Good Luck, again!

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