Another day another interview….

 So yesterday was interesting. I got a phone call from my husband just before lunch time. Apaprently a news crew from Channel 13 was at the front door and wanted an interview. No phone call, no warning just hi! we’re here to talk to you about your son and the school in Needville. I came home as soon as I could and we talked with the interviewer from our ugly green couch. We had specifically not given out our address to the news agencies in order to keep some semblance of privacy. Guess thats all shot to hell now. I guess thats one of the prices we have to pay in order to get our story told.

 Anyway, here is the link to the interview and a short article to go with it.

This time Mr. Rhodes appeared in the story. It was interesting to see how his story has changed a bit since our conversations. Now according to him and the Channel 13 interview “exceptions are made for religion, but Adriel’s parents have yet to provide proof of their beliefs”.

Yup, he’s still searching for a holy book but now he is saying that they do make exceptions for other religions when twice before he stated that they did not. Just in case you missed it he said that once during our meeting on June 9th and again on June 16th during a phone conversation.

According to Mr. Rhodes he wants to find out “what recognized religion they are that discusses they cannot cut their hair…”

So now I suppose I have to figure out what recognized religion  means in order to jump through whatever made up hoops the superintendent has in mind. So off to google I go and type in “recognized religion”. The first thing that popped up was an article titled Jedi Knights achieve official recognition as a religion. Folks, I can’t make this shit up.

Yeah, I know its in the UK not the US but its still pretty *dam funny in that ironic kind of way. The next entry was another article on Jedi Knights and then google got to the good stuff.

A wiki article on Scientology and the fact that it is a recognized religion.

A website on religious tolerance where it asked “is Wicca a religion?” (It is by the way, no witch burning please.)

This particular website is really pretty interesting. I have seen it before and found it to be a pretty good source for general information on many religions. The very first paragragh has a link to this:

Native American Spirituality

There is some good information there, especially if you are curious about Native American religious beliefs. It certainly won’t tell you everything but it will give you a general idea of some of the more common beliefs.

I like this particular website a lot. It attempts to educate about many religions without being obviously biased towards one or another. I realize that it doesn’t mean squat to Mr. Rhodes of teh Needville iNdependent School District but its a good place to start for anyone interested in learning about belief systems other than their own. Check out this page if you like where it lists many religions to be explored:

Native american beliefs are listed here under this heading:

Other organized Religions

These are smaller religions, with a well defined belief in deity, humanity and the rest of the universe. Of the many hundreds of faith groups in the world, we have chosen these because of their historical significance, or because of the massive amount of misinformation that has been spread about them in North America:

Hopefully the school board will be a bit more educated and show more tolerance than Mr. Rhodes has. After all, isn’t that what we all want?




Or maybe those things are unimportant. I guess we’ll find out on July 16th.

See you in the papers.


* I know the difference between “dam” as in built by a beaver and “damn” as in eternal damnation, do you?



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