Fort Bend Now article.

Our story is on the Fort Bend Now website. Judging from what Mr.Rhodes is quoted as saying, it would seem that he did not pay much attention at our meeting on June 9th. Taken directly from article:

Rhodes countered that Arocha “graduated from Rosenberg, and kept his hair cut all through high school. He told me he cuts his hair for special occasions” such as on his wedding day. “And they gave the boy a choice and he said he didn’t want to cut it.”

Had Mr. Rhodes been paying attention, he would have also heard the part about how my husband had to cut his hair in kindergarten when the American Indian Religious Freedom Act was only a few years old. That act was difficult to enforce so in 1993 the Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act came to be. In 1999 the Texas Religious Freedom Act was passed further protecting the rights of all people’s religious beliefs.

So yeah, at the time when my husband was in school he didn’t get to make that choice. It was made for him by others and he was unable to grow his hair out unil he left the school system. Back then it was even more  difficult to fight for one’s religious preferences without facing discrimation and hardship. Now it is 2008 and things are different, at least……. they should be.

 Mr. Rhodes also seems to have gotten rather confused since he stated that “He told me he cuts his hair for special occasions” such as on his wedding day”. This is incorrect. He does not cut his hair for “special occassions” nor did he do so when we got married. I should know, I was there. It was braided by me.

He also seems to still be stuck on that whole “prove your religion” thing he is so adamant about. I’ll say it again; tribal affiliation and the amount of Native American DNA have nothing to do with the sincerity of our beliefs. I am so white I’m tranlucent and I still believe. You don’t have to be born into a religion in order to chose to practice the religion.

 I could quote more laws and case studies but I’m sure you get the point by now.

Oh and surprise! Cannel 13 showed up on our doorstep today unnanounced for an interview. I had to leave work early which sucked but I guess that is one of the prices one has to pay to get the word out. Still, it would have been nice if they had given us some warning. Our house looks like a tornadoe hit the inside since we are still in the middle of packing and getting it ready to sell. Thats life I guess.

One more thing, I don’t know if he’ll say it this time when he speaks with Channel 13 but on two other occassions Mr. Rhodes has stated that my husband is Baptist. I’m not sure where he gets that idea from since he was told at the meeting that he was raised Catholic and I was Presbyterian but whatever.




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