The KPFT interview and my book came in!



My husband was interviewd this morning on the KPFT radio station in Houston. If you missed it but want a chance to hear what was said, go here:

Look for the People of Earth segment for Friday June 27th at 11 am. We have another interview scheduled tomorrow for a local paper.

 My book came in the mail yesterday and I’ve already filled it with highlighter marks and paperclips. The Educator’s Guide to Texas School Law  (6th edition) by Jim Walsh, Frank Kemerer and Laurie Maniotis is a really good resource. There is a 2007 update that I need to get that goes with it but I am reading this one right now.

 I think this is a great book for anyone with school age children in Texas as well as teachers and school administrators. It explains the laws in plain english instead of “legalese” and gives several examples of cases that have been important in establishing certain things. My favorite part so far is in chapter seven where they discuss the Texas Religious Freedom Act or TRFA that was passed in 1999.

 On page 288 it says:

Codified as Civil Practices and Remedies Code 110.001-110.012, TRFA provides that a governmental agency may not “substantially burden a person’s free exercise of religion” unless it can establish a “compelling governmental interest” that is the “least restrictive means of furthering that interest”. The term “free exercise of religion” is defined to mean an act or refusal to act that is substantially motivated by sincere religious belief. The law does not require that the act or refusal to act must be linked to a central part or requirement of the person’s faith, only that it be “sincere”. This has the effect of conveying broad support for religiously motivated behavior. At the same time, the burden is heavy on government to justify its actions that substantially burden such behaviors.

 I think it should be pretty obvious by now that Adriel’s father and I are pretty damn sincere when it comes to our beliefs. Hopefully the school board will see that when we speak with them at the appeal. With the laws that we have in place to protect religious freedoms, I surprised that it has been this much trouble to have my son allowed to go to school.


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