Oh my…..

Wow. Really, just …. wow. I got a phone call a short time ago from one of the dozens of organizations I have contacted about our legal issues with the Needville ISD. The nice young man on the phone explained that the **** could not help me but that they could recomend a similiar group in Texas that might be able to. He gave me the url for the Liberty Legal Institute in Texas.


I checked out the site but I’m afraid I won’t be contacting them.


You see, I am pro same-sex marriage and it looks like that would be a problem.


Oh well.


6 Responses to “Oh my…..”

  1. Hair Nazi Says:

    Some people have way to much time on their hands…. just cut the boys hair.

    I went to needville and didn’t like alot of the crap i had to go through. Now i’m an adult and realize that when i have kids i would not send them anywhere else.

  2. Danaeris Says:

    Hi! You don’t know me — I found your blog via someone who found out about your plight through the longhair community on livejournal.

    I first wanted to say that I respect and admire your fortitude. Your fight is about freedom of religion to you, but it represents so much more to others! The right to have your hair as you please is, for instance, a gender right issue. I hope you get the support you need to stand your ground.

    Secondly, I wanted to say that you should ignore assholes like “Hair Nazi” who commented above. Jews are not supposed to get tattoos — if the school required everyone to get tatts in order to attend, should they also shut up and give in? Obviously not. This isn’t about having too much time on your hands. Please forgive my ignorance, but as I understand it the tradition is that your son’s life is measured by his hair growth — and if he cuts it, it must only be due to a serious rite of passage. That’s a beautiful spiritual tradition, one with which I can sympathize. Um, I think I’m babbling because it’s late, so I’ll get to the third point that may actually be helpful.

    So, thirdly: since they are so fixated on books, maybe what you need to do is put together a quote list of anthropological and comparative religion texts, complete with citations, where this tradition is described. You could even write a little mini-essay that examines it from a western perspective — it might help their little minds grasp it. And, to drive it home, you could also point out that religious traditions regarding hair length occur in other religions, including Judaism. http://southshore2.tbo.com/content/2008/jun/06/ss-long-curly-locks-of-tradition/

    Good luck. I hope that my comments are helpful, or that someone else comes up with an idea that will fix the situation for you!

    p.s. And, yay for same-sex marriage, and in general, freedom for individuals to choose their own lives, loves, and spiritualities!

  3. Xta Says:

    *sigh* and they’re anti-ACLU too. Bummer. Newsflash to dopes: the ACLU defends religious freedom too!

  4. willowrayn Says:

    One of my friends on myspace posted a blog telling your story.
    It became obvious to me that people have forgotten the heritage of this country
    and how it all began.
    Their were laws written to protect the Indian heritage. these laws have never been changed.
    Their for .This “school system does not have the right to change the rules and rights either. this is called pregidious.
    May these thoughtless ass’s open up their hearts and minds and realize what a huge mistake they r making ,by deniing your son an education.
    And if it all came down to you home schooling .Hey it would be their loss.not yours.because thats less money they would recieve for their school funding.
    may all this be solved soon.
    Many blessings go out to your family. and will be praying for this to end soon in your favor.

    willow rayn

  5. thestitchwitch Says:

    Thanks for all the support! I’m accepting all comments even if they are negative. I wouldn’t want to step on anyone’s freedom of speech.


  6. a supporter Says:

    Good luck and good for you for turning down help from that group. As you found they are not for freedom, at least not the kind that they don’t agree with! I have a strong feeling you are going to win this one, and bring your community into the 21st century, even if they are kicking and screaming.

    Good luck!

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