Level three appeal.

On June 18 we received the paperwork we needed to start the appeal process against Mr. Rhodes’ decision. Its pretty boring and straight forward stuff. Apparently, my emails to Ms. Sniffin counted as a “Level One” complaint and the meeting with Mr. Rhodes and Ms. Sniffin as a “Level Two”.

We have to fill outthe page for our  level and tell what happened and explain how we were harmed by the decision or circumstance at the previous level.

He also sent a letter dated6/16/08 it says:

“As I mentioned on the phone this morning, my decision is to uphold the dress code currently adopted by the Needville Independent School District in relation to your son’s hair length. Enclosed is the policy FNG (Local) and a form to submit if you wish to appeal my decision to the board of trustees.


Curtis Rhodes

Superintendent of schools”


He included the section of the School Board Handbook found here:


This section is titled



It gives the instructions on how to file and what each level means. The information for level three reads:

If the student or parent did not receive the relief requested at Level

Two or if the time for a response has expired, the student or parent

may appeal the decision to the Board.

The appeal notice must be filed in writing, on a form provided by

the District, within ten days after receipt of a response or, if no response

was received, within ten days of the response deadline at

Level Two.

The Superintendent or designee shall inform the student or parent

of the date, time, and place of the Board meeting at which the

complaint will be on the agenda for presentation to the Board.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide the Board with copies

of the complaint form, all responses, all appeal notices, and all

written documentation previously submitted by the student or parent

or the administration. The Board shall consider only those issues

and documents presented at the preceding levels and identified

in the appeal notice.

The District shall determine whether the complaint will be presented

in open or closed meeting in accordance with the Texas

Open Meetings Act and other applicable law. [See BE]

The presiding officer may set reasonable time limits and guidelines

for the presentation. The Board shall hear the complaint and may

request that the administration provide an explanation for the decisions

at the preceding levels.

In addition to any other record of the Board meeting required by

law, the Board shall prepare a separate record of the Level Three

presentation. The Level Three presentation, including the presentation

by the student or parent or the student’s representative, any

presentation from the administration, and questions from the Board

with responses, shall be recorded by audio recording, video/audio

recording, or court reporter.

The Board shall then consider the complaint. It may give notice of

its decision orally or in writing at any time up to and including the

next regularly scheduled Board meeting. If for any reason the

Board fails to reach a decision regarding the complaint by the end

of the next regularly scheduled meeting, the lack of a response by

the Board upholds the administrative decision at Level Two.





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