Upate so far for today. 6/18/08





I just checked the board meeting website and tonight’s meeting has been re-listed. Naturally, I snapped a few photos this morning when it was not listed and then some now when I saw that it was.

I called too and got a slightly nasty response to my question. I asked the woman who answered the phone if there was a school board meeting tonight because when I had checked earlier there was none listed on the website. She rather snappishly said “there is and it is on the website”. I politely thanked her and hung up. Wonder if they have caller ID?

Anyway, we’re going to sit in on the meeting tonight. I have yet to receive any further contact from Mr. Rhodes or anyone else at the school district telling me when and where we’ll be allowed to address the board.

Once we do address our “concerns” with the school board and they deny us, the next step is lawsuit. Of course, they could come to their senses before that but I kinda doubt it.

About 20 minutes ago I got a call from the secretary of a lawyer I tried to call on monday. She told me that two different lawyers at her firm want my case. One specializes in civil rights laws and the other is an ex-teacher. Apparently they are both extremely interested and will call me tomorrow. Rock on I say.

No call from the ACLU just yet but an intern there did contact me by email yesterday. She said she would call me either today or tomorrow.

Mr.SINched (thats Kenney’s [my husband’s] interweb name by the way as in getsinched.com) spoke with two different representatives of the South Texas chapter of the American Indian Movement yesterday. They are outraged and ready to protest on the front lawn of the school. I think I love them.

So, things are progressing. I’m still collecting and printing articles off the web and firing off angry letters to any group or organization that I think might listen. I have decided that I have a theory on the eveolution of public school dress codes but am having a bit of trouble finding documentation to support it.

In the late 1800’s Indian boarding schools were used to strip Native American children of their cultural identity and force them to conform to “modern” (that means white) society. Part of the boarding school practice was to cut off the long hair on all of the boys to make them look more white.

I would love to prove that schools have kept this as part of their dress codes over the years because of the Indian schools and how well it worked to help break those poor boys of their Native ways. You know, ’cause Mr. Rhodes did say on more than one occassion that the NISD hair policy had always been that way so they are not going to change it now.



3 Responses to “Upate so far for today. 6/18/08”

  1. benson Says:

    I have sent the following letter to the entire contactable list at the school board as well as to a friend who works for a Texas State Represntative.

    “I am writing to you as a Texan, a business owner, a public figure in the creative arts and an American of mixed European, African and Native American descent. I am greatly concerned over the refusal to admit Adriel Daemon Arocha to participate in kindergarten classes at Needville Elementary School.
    I understand the desire to keep dress standards to an acceptable level. I do not understand and can not align with disallowing a 5 year old who is half Native American from school on the basis of his braids. I am shocked and appalled at this sort of behavior in this modern age. I urge you to reconsider this prejudiced decision before further action needs to be brought against the school district. I assure you that I am not alone in being a business owner who will help to support this child in any way as he fights to receive the education that our taxes pay for.

    Benson A. Roberts III

    Principal Designer
    Mange la Mode”

  2. thomas braun Says:

    I sent an email today to the person you have been communicating with at the school (via email), advising her that I am in full support of your son’s enrollment in Kindergarted classes. I would like to send you a copy of my email, which essentially states the following:

    I am a father & grandfather, a retired Professor of Law, a Vietnam veteran who served honorably, a person who worked in the field of child abuse prevention/investigations for more than twenty years. I further advised her that my late adoptive mother was a public elementary school teacher and librarian here in the Hillsborought County (Tampa) Florida school district. My mother taught me that the public school educational system in the United States is one of our greatest treasures. She taught me that it needs to be honored. She taught me that all children need to be allowed to be enriched by our public schools, regardless of race or gender, culture or heritage. Here in Florida, many hold Native Americans and Native American culture in high regard. I told her that the other children would likely learn much from this young Native American boy, your son. I told her that I was appalled that this fight for the basic cultural rights of all americans was still being fought in the year 2008.

    I honor you for your devotion to your son. I am joyful when I hear of a parent who loves her child and fights for her child’s rights and opportunities. You have my complete support.

    Please send me an emial address so that I might send you my email to the school board in your locale. Continue the good fight. More people than you know are standing with you. PEACE thomas braun tampa fl

  3. Michelle Says:

    Thank you both for the support. My email address is getsinched@yahoo.com

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