Part 4, the battle has really started now.

So, after speaking with Mr. Rhodes this morning I began emailing local news agencies and trying to find a lawyer. I got the number to the Texas Bar Association Referrel Service and was given the number for a local lawyer who specializes in civil rights cases. I left a message with her assistant and hopefully she will take our case.

I called the Native American Relief Fund and asked for help. The lady I spoke with was very sympathetic and promised to get back to me after speaking with their legal expert. She was unhappy to tell me that the NARF could not help me directly but thought they could find someone who would.

I emailed the ACLU and the ACLJ again and still have not heard anything back from them.

About an hour or so after I started my email storm to all the local news agencies, I got a bite. Ned Hibberd with Fox 26 News contacted me by phone for more information. About two hours later we met him at the farm in Needville for an interview. It went well even though we were nervous and not thrilled with the idea of being on TV. During the time he was there, Mr. Hibberd got word that the NISD superintendant was going to give him a statement in person after first refusing. After we were done, Mr. Hibberd went to the school and we went home.

On the 9 pm newscast they showed us and our son but no Mr. Rhodes! I guess he decided against appearing on the news after all. His word again was that the dress code was not going to change becasue it had always been that way.

So far, I am pleased with the way things are going. We’ll see though.

Here is the link to the story. As soon as I figure out youtube, I’ll post it there.


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