Part 3 of my fight.



So, here we are at part three which begins today. At the meeting Mr. Rhodes told us he would speak with the the NISD board about the hair policy and get back to me this week. He held up his part of the deal and called me at 10:42 am to inform me that the board would uphold their dress code and would not change it for anyone.

I asked him specifically if it was just for Native American students or if it applied to all students of other religions that required long hair on boys. I asked this just in case I misheard him at the meeting.

He stated that it applied to all students and they would not change it for anyone because it had never been an issue in the past.


Thats right, any boy with long hair regardless of religious practice is not welcome at any Needville school.

Obviously, I am angry. I am having a hard time believeing that in 2008 any school district has theudacity to deny a student their right to religious expression. Especially since it has been proven time and again that it is illegal for them to do that!

Ther are convicted felons in prison with more rights than my son has at a public school. Many Native American men have won the right to wear their hair long and practice their faith while in prison, why the fuck can’t a five year old do the same in kindergarten?!?!


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